ada is… Mono (((❚)))


Mono (((()))
A film on stones and single tones.

Mono (2015) is a mystical film on monolithic architecture, monophonic music and the ancient female old. A celebration of slowness. Ghost shots. Ghost sound. Ghost Space. A phantom (of the past). Mute as a stone …

A dense video-audio dynamic, demanding and minimal, suggests a mysterious background story, a genesis of drone and stones. Alongside with atmospheric static shots of various ancient and modern monoliths (including an artificial one), the tale is performed in three languages (English, Welsh and Old Norse) narrated by women of different generations and cultures representing the ancient past, the current presence and the distant future. No actual reference to time or place is made.

Six musicians have designed music for different passages of Mono creating opaque sounds and spatial compositions establishing a further dimension, altogether shaping a film where sound, space and story merge together and become one.

Dead slow and dead low, manipulating what is silence and what is sound creating her own myth for the future soul to read.

The filmmaker has collaborated with accomplished performing artists and musicians to create this piece i.e. Buddug James Jones(renowned for her play Hiraeth), actress Scarlet Sweeney, musician Joss Bromley (musician i.e. Lone
Corpse Lights, Woe), performance and sound artist Christina Nemec alias chra, Belgium Noise musician ASHTORETH, Drone artist raxil4 and violinistChrysanthe Tan, as well as the Icelandic singer Heiða Árnadóttir. Established academics have also contributed to Mono such as Prof Richard North (Professor of English Language and Literature and expert of Old Norse at UCL) and Dr Siwan Rosser (Director of Celtic and Welsh Studies at the University of Cardiff).
Mono was shot in England, Wales, Austria and Slovakia.
Sangam is a well established practising artist. Her work bridges fine art, film, architecture, linguistics and visual language and is heavily grounded in relevant theory and developed using a variety of New Media. All her previous films (i.e. Hacking the StreetsFrozen MusicStrings) have been shown at various international film festivals and exhibitions:

Screening on Wednesday the 30th May

19h Wattgasse 16/6 1160 Vienna