ada is … to be content


to be content

Christian Ludwig Ottakring

Exhibition, 17. – 28. November 2023

17.11.23    19:00    opening + sound performance by ratriot

25.11.23    19:00    sludge content performance w/ Joanna Coleman

28.11.23    19:00    closing + ambient set by pontohi

+ live streams with guests


to be content is an exploration of the vibespace between authenticity and aesthetics, delving into how art fizzles out and content emerges.

Animations, video essays, satisfying routines, generative, derivative, addictive, all blur into an endless sludge, where reality dissolves and meaning becomes obsolete, emotional depth a commodity, profoundness a meme and merch a necessity. Overcoming the need for facts and finding solace in vibes is the only way to be content.


„I like making things that look nice, it’s really not that deep.“

Christian Ludwig Ottakring, media artist and content creator




@ ada – artistic dynamic association, Wattgasse 16/6, 1160 Vienna